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Beating Bessborough is becoming a habit 

MTSSC under 17’s played their 5th match yesterday the 2nd of July and their opponents this time were old arch rivals Bessborough CC. This was going to be a tough match for MTSSC given that they were missing 3 regular players including their regular wicket keeper whilst Bessborough had a strong team which included 2 county players.

Bessborough were also lucky with the coin toss as they won the toss and elected to bat having only 9 players to start with. They opened the batting with Shandeepan and Ray Maloney and the pair got Bessborough off to a flying start. Shandeepan especially was scoring at will and the 2 batsmen ran their singles well. The MTSSC fielding also had a lot to be desired. The openers put on an opening stand of 79 runs in the 9th over before Shandeepan was out caught by the keeping off a top edge. He was out for a well compiled knock of 54 which came off just 33 balls and which included 8 boundaries and a six. From then on Bessborough struggled mainly against the MTSSC spinners and finally ended up on 128 for 7 wickets in their allocated 20 overs. The pick of the bowlers for MTSSC were the 3 spinners. They bowled well and were the main reason that Bessborough were only able to score 43 runs in the last 10 overs. Kishan had figures of 4-0-2-14, Manul had figures of 4-0-2-10 and Theeshan ended up with 2-0-2-10. A special word must be mentioned about our under 14 wicket keeper Hishanth. He had a good game behind the stumps and not only did he have a catch and a stumping to his name but he also played a part in a run out.

MTSSC opened with Seerone and Asama knowing that they needed just over 6 runs an over. Bessborough opened with their county duo of Shandeepan and Sahil and even though Sahil’s first over conceded 6 extras, the next 3 overs were maidens. The 3rd over bowled by Sahil also so the unfortunate dismissal of Seerone. The batsman was given out caught behind even though the noise that was heard was the bat hitting the ground. MTSSC were now 6 for 1 and were pegged down by some very good bowling. Kishan joined Asama and the 2 of them slowly but surely started building up the innings. At the end pf the 10th over MTSSC had moved onto 45 for 1 which wasn’t too bad given that at the end of the 4th over they were just 6 for 1.Kishan then was out to a very good return catch by Harshil with the score on 49 in the 11th over. Kishan made 16. MTSSC then lost Asama who was lured out by their spinner Ajan only to be stumped for a well compiled 22. Suddenly MTSSC were 51 for 3 off 12 overs and the asking rate was 77 runs off the remaining 9 overs which was just under 9 runs an over. Our captain Sachin walked in at the fall of Kishan’s wicket and our spinner Theeshan joined him when Asama was out. This pair batted very well and took the score 97 before Theeshan was out to a very good catch by the Bessborough keeper Viraj for an excellent knock of 25 runs. Theeshan’s knock of 25 came off just 18 balls and included 3 boundaries and a six. At the end of the 16th over MTSSC were 96 runs and now needed 32 off the last 4 overs. The point to bear in mind was that 3 off these 4 overs were going to be bowled by the county dup of Shandeepan and Sahil. This didn’t put off our skipper Sachin. In fading light he batted sensibly and 5 runs came off the 17th over. Now 28 needed off 3 overs (18 balls). The 18th over bowled by Sujan brought 9 runs but also the loss of Rishi who was out run out attempting a 3rd run. 110 for  5 at the end of the 18th with 19 needed off 2 overs. The 19th over was bowled by Sahil and Sachin hit the first ball for 6 over mid wicket. Game on. Another couple and a single off the next 2 balls to Sachin. A dot ball and a couple of 2’s to Beeshman meant that MTSSC scored 13 runs off the penultimate over. The Bessborough supporters were now shocked. Sahil who had gone for just 6 runs in his first 2 overs had conceded 18 off his next 2. MTSSC were now 123 for 6 and needed 6 runs off the last over bowled by Shandeepan with our skipper Sachin on strike. As MTSSC needed just a run a ball the fielders were brought in to stop the singles. The first ball was hit by Sachin to third man for a boundary which meant we only needed 2 off the last 4. However 1 ball was all that Sachin required as he rocked back and hooked the next over mid wicket for a glorious six that won the match for MTSSC. Sachin’s innings had to be watched as it cannot be described enough. In fading light he played a mature and sensible innings. Not once did he panic and scored 44 excellent runs. His knock came off just 25 balls and included 3 boundaries and 2 sixes and showed scant respect for any of the bowlers irrespective of whether they were county players or not. I’ve always said that MTSSC may not have county players but have players who are worthy of being selected for the county and this was proved once again yesterday. Another compliment paid was to hear a Bessborough player telling his team mate that MTSSC played proper cricket. This was because we started slowly and then gradually increased the scoring rate and targeted the penultimate over so that there wasn’t the pressure of having to score many runs in the final over. So MTSSC were winners by 4 wickets.

MTSSC under 17’s had now beaten teams such as Eastcote, Harrow St. Mary’s and Bessborough this season. Eight years ago when Mano became a manager he admired how good the other teams were. How things have changed over the years. Now we have managers of these big clubs calling Mano to find out the results of our games. He had a call from Eastcote yesterday around 10pm asking him what happened in our match against Bessborough. The MTSSC name is definitely known by the big clubs now.

Well done boys. Keep up the good work. Our next match is an away match against Uxbridge. The game is not played at Uxbridge so check your emails and texts for the exact location of the grounds.

MCC North Area League Match: MTSSC v Bessborough CC
Wednesday, 2nd July 2014 at Post Office Grounds
MTSSC won by 4 wickets
Bessborough won the toss and decided to bat
128 for 7 (20.0 overs)
133 for 6 (19.2 overs)
Bessborough Innings – 128 for 7
Method of Dismissal & Bowler
Shandeepan Ct Hishanth b Kishan Patel 
Ray Maloney Ct Beeshman  b Manul De Silva 
Sahil Vora
L B W 
b Kishan Patel 
Dhillon Maloney St Hishanth  b Theeshan 
Viraj Patel Bowled  b Manul De Silva 
Risharv Ct Seerone  b Theeshan   05  15     
Sujan Not Out    14  10   
Harshil Run Out (Hishanth)    00       
Neil Not Out    00       
Extras   [3]nb [8]w [5]lb [3]b 19  
Total   for 7 wickets 128 (20.0 ovs)
Hasibullah Ibrahimkhil 3.0 0 16 0
Asama 2.0 0 20 0
Beeshman Mahen  4.0 0 32 0
Rishi Premnath 1.0 0 20 0
Kishan Patel 4.0 0 14 2
Manul De Silva 4.0 0 10 2
Theeshan 2.0  10 
Fall of wicket
79 Shandeepan
86 Sahil Vora
86 Ray Maloney
93  Viraj Patel 
104  Rishav 
123  Dhillon 
126  Harshil 

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MTSSC Innings – 154 for 3


Method of Dismissal & Bowler
Seerone Kandasamy Ct. Viraj b Sahil
Asama St. Viraj b Ajan
Kishan Patel
b Harshil
Sachin Manoraj
Not Out
Theeshan Ct Viraj  b Sahil 
Rishi Premnath Run Out   
Hasibullah Ibrahimkhil Ct Rishav  b Sujan  0     
Beeshman Mahen Not Out    4     
Manul De Silva             
Hishanth Paramakumaran            
Thinooch Puspanathan            
Extras   [1]nb [17]w [1]lb [0]b 19  
Total   for 6 wickets 133 (19.2 ovs)
Sahil Vora 4.0 1 24 2
Shandeepan 3.2 2 17 0
Sujan 3.0 0 26 1
Ajan 4.0 0 19 1
Harshil 4.0 0 32 1
Dhillon Maloney 1.0 0 15 0
Fall of wicket
6 Seerone Kandasamy
49 Kishan Patel
51 Asama
97  Theeshan 
108  Rishi Premnath 
109  Hasibullah Ibrahimkhil 

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