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Register with Play-Cricket 

Please note that all new adult members must register with Play-Cricket. Register Now

FAQ – for New Members

How can I become an online member of my club’s Play-Cricket website?

To become an online member of your club please take the following:
Please go to and you will get the following web page.


1.On the right hand side, click on the ‘Signup’ button on the above page. This will load a page with form to create your Play-Cricket username and password with other details. The page will look like below

2.Please complete the necessary details in the form (Name, Email, username, password, contact number and address). Finally make sure you select “Save to be a member of this club”. Agree to the terms and conditions, click on “save form”.

Your application will be reviewed by your club web site administrator and once accepted you will be notified by email.