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Under 15 B's scrape through whilst 'A's inflict crushing defeat 

Hi Boys & Parents,

Yesterday we had 2 under 15 indoor games. The first was the last game for the under 15 ‘B’s. Their opponents were Harrow St Mary’s ‘B’ to whom we had already lost previously in the same tournament. We needed a good performance from our boys as we needed to end our indoor season on a high. As our regular skipper Kevin wasn’t available for this match I believe Nathan appointed Dilshan as the stand in captain. We also didn’t have either of our regular keepers so Keson stepped in as wicket keeper. When Keson was in the under 11’s he wasn’t very keen on keeping wickets however he stepped in yesterday to help out the team. Thanks go to Keson for this.
We won the toss and elected to bat first. We opened with Krishan and Dilshan and got off to a very slow start. We lost our first wicket of Krishan who was caught behind when the score was just 13. However Keson and Dilshan batted well to put on a good partnership. The scoring rate however was still quite slow as we had only scored 50 runs for the loss of 1 wicket at the end of the 8th over. Then some big hitting and quick singles in the 9th over along with the help of some wides enabled us to score 24 runs in the 9th over. Dilshan had to retire in the 10th over as he had scored 32 runs. Keson then took on the challenge to score 3 further singles off the wall before he was bowled for 27. Joshua joined Vaheshan and tried to sneak another single off the last ball but was run out and could not add to the final score of 86 for the loss of 3 wickets in our 10 overs. Harrow St Mary’s also helped our total by conceding 22 extras of which 16 of them were wides.

We knew that if we were to win this match we needed to bowl and field well. Harrow St Mary’s also knew that 87 runs wasn’t beyond them but were annoyed that they let the game slip in the last 2 overs. They would have preferred chasing a total of around 60 rather than 87. Our first over bowled by Krishan didn’t go to plan as we conceded 4 wides in a total of 12 runs. However a tight 1 run over from Dilshan pulled it back. We fielded very well holding on to our catches, stopping the boundaries and running out batsmen which brought wickets at regular intervals. Joshua bowled well to take 2 wickets. The only advise that I can give to Joshua is to try and bowl a bit quicker and throw in the odd slower delivery. Good batsmen will have too much time to play him. We had Harrow St Mary’s on 56 for the loss of 5 wickets chasing 87 to win. Their opening batsman Shrey then played a very sensible knock. I believe he is an under 14 player who showed a great deal of maturity for his age. Being the last batsman he didn’t have the 30 run limit imposed. He also knew that they needed 21 off 11 legal deliveries. He took 3 singles in the last 3 balls of the 9th over to take the score to 67 at the end of the 9th over. Now it was 20 runs needed off the last over. Dilshan bowled the last over but Shrey kept managing to steal 3’s by hitting the wall and setting off for a single. Dilshan also took his fielder from the leg side in an attempt to stop the single on the off but Shrey still managed to score 12 runs off the first 4 balls which left them needing 8 off the last 2. However Shrey was run out looking for a 5th single when Krishan fielded and ran him out at the non strikers end. So we had won the match by 6 runs. Even though our bowling and fielding was good we didn’t put enough pressure on Shrey in the last over given that we had 3 players on the off trying to stop that single. The fact that we ran 3 players out and held 3 catches shows we generally fielded well apart from the last over. We also only conceded 11 wides compared to 16. Some might say this is good but to me this was too much as it meant that we bowled nearly 2 extra overs. The main area where we were weak yesterday was the slow start when we batted. I agree it is important to build a partnership especially after the early loss of Krishan and also given that we didn’t have too much depth in batting. However we could have been a bit more positive in our approach to batting. Dilshan needs to bat with intent from the very beginning as he has the talent to do this. Kannan quite rightly made this point.

So our under 15 ‘B’ played 6 matches in all. We ended up winning 4 of them and losing 2. If only we had not lost to West Harrow we would have topped the table outright. According to Nathan’s league table (Yet to be confirmed by the league) we are joint top with Bessborough ‘B’ with 4 wins and 2 losses. If this is the case we should come out tops as we won both the head to head matches against Bessborough. We shall have to wait and see.

Our next match was the under 15 ‘A’s against Lohana. When it comes to the A team Nathan always has a problem of whom to leave out. As explained before we have 7 solid players and it is always a difficult decision on whom to leave out. We have to balance between playing a strong side and also achieving a good run rate (should we tie on points with Harrow St Mary’s) against giving everyone a chance. For this game Nathan had to make the tough decision of leaving Seerone out. We batted first and opened with Sachin and Pira. Sachin was in excellent form and a lovely 6 in the first over showed our intentions. We lost our first wicket of Pira for 7 when the score was 38 in the 5th over. We were going at 7 runs per over at this time. Kishan then joined Sachin and we accelerated the scoring. We lost Sachin for 28 at the end of the 7th over with the score on 63. Ashwin then joined Kishan and put on a very good partnership. Kishan had to retire with his score on 35 to bring Beeshman in. We lost Ashwin in the 4th ball of the last over for a quick fire 22 with the score on 104. We managed another boundary before Surendra was run out without scoring attempting to sneak a single off the last ball. So we ended up on 108 for the loss of 4 wickets at an average of over 10 runs per over.

We had completed half the job of putting a good total on the board and now it was down to our bowling and fielding. Our bowling and fielding has always been our strong points and it didn’t let us down this time either. We opened the bowling with Kishan and his first 5 balls conceded 12 runs. Lohana must have thought that it would be an easy target to achieve at this point. How wrong they were. In the next ball Kishan had their opening batsman Akash caught by Ashwin. This was a very good overhead catch by Ashwin. The second over bowled by Beeshman conceded just 3 runs. Kishan’s next over (our 3rd) was a double wicket maiden that all but finished off Lohana. He caught and bowled Bhavik their number 3 batsman and clean bowled K Gupta their number 4 batsman in the 3rd over. The game was all but over at this point. Lohana had gone from 12 for none to 15 for 3 in 3 overs. Lohana found runs were very hard to come by. At the end of the 9th over Lohana had crawled to 30 runs for the loss of 4 wickets. The 10th and final over bowled by Beeshman saw the last 2 wickets fall. The first was a good catch by Pira off the wall to get rid of Ravi and the final wicket was an excellent diving catch by Sachin to get rid of Roan. Lohana being all out for 34 runs in the 10th over. Beeshman’s fielding must also be mentioned as he stopped many a single and must have saved at least 10 runs. Last but not least is Pira’s keeping. This boy has improved immensely as a wicket keeper. It was so delightful to watch him attempt a stumping off 3 consecutive balls bowled by a pace bowler. By breaking the stumps so frequently he ensured that the batsman never left the crease. Excellent work Pira.

This was an excellent performance by our boys and it is a treat to watch them play. In my opinion this under 15 A indoor team has been the best that the club has produced. Anyone who wants to see how this game should be played at the highest level should come and watch these boys play. You have 2 further opportunities to do this on Sunday the 25th of March when we play Bessborough at 2pm and Harrow St Mary’s at 4pm. So please come and support our boys in these last 2 matches. If we win these 2 final matches we would be area winners and then we go on to the area finals. This was an excellent all round performance and if I am to be critical as Mahen put it we could have bowled a bit tighter and not conceded the 4 wides and 1 no ball. When it comes to playing Bessborough and Harrow St Mary’s every run will count.

We had a little incident regarding the match ball which I am not going into. The only point that the boys must learn from that is that the match ball cannot be changed mid way during a match unless the ball is not suitable or dangerous to play with. It must be the same for both teams playing. This is the laws of the game.

Thank you to all the parents who came to see the game. A big thank you to Kannan who came and umpired the first game. I was very happy to see him there given that he now has other commitments. Thanks also to Flavian our replacement coach who was there to see both matches and offer advice. Thanks to Mano for umpiring the second game and also for all his expertise. Not sure what we will do without him. Thanks also to Nathan who came in early to setup the wickets and organise the games. A special thank you to our colts chairman Suren and our colts secretary Loges who also came to support the boys. As usual we had A team boys coming early to help and support the B team. As mentioned many a time this is so pleasing to see the unity in the age group. Lastly thanks to all the boys of both the teams who came and performed well and made us all proud of them. We had 7 players available for each of our teams. It’s good to see us getting into the habit of always having a 7th man for indoor games and we should continue this (12th man) in the outdoor games.

Report by Dinesh Peerez