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MCA League Match : MTSSC vs Hayes played at home on 05/07/2010 

MTSSC won by 4 wickets

Hayes 82 for 7 wickets. MTSSC 83 for 6 wickets

On a Sunny evening, Hayes turned up at our grounds for our “Do or die” match with only 8 players. Rishi won the toss and asked Hayes to bat. I was a bit over confident, and asked Rishi to rotate the bowling and we used 5 bowlers in the 1st 5 overs. In hindsight I think it was a bad move from me. All our bowlers bowled well but our fielders did not support them well and we dropped quite a few catches, some of them were dolly catches. Except for one over from Rishi which went for 15 runs, when their key batsman knew that he was running out of overs and partners, and threw caution to the wind and took the attack to the bowler, all the other overs were economical. Priyan was the pick of our bowlers and his last over stood out and he proved me wrong by getting turn and lots of bounce and beat their batsman on numerous occasions. Purushot also got back to his old habit of takings wickets and took 2 wickets in the match. Daniel also bowled economically and Sayjohn took a wicket in the final ball of the innings. There was a lot of pressure, in the last over as batsman was whacking the ball all round the park, and hats off to Sayjohn to come forward and volunteer to bowl the last over. I did not notice Hishanth at all during the innings so that means he must have done a good job behind the stumps. At the end of 20 overs Hayes were technically all out for 82 runs although they only lost 7 wickets.

In response, we lost a wicket in the 1st over which is becoming a familiar pattern, which is very worrying, this time it was Liam’s turn. Naresh and Priyan put on a good partnership of 40 runs and Naresh unfortunately got run out when his partner failed to respond to his call for a quick run. Naresh needs to learn that he has got all the shots in the book and if he stays at the crease, the runs will come without any problem. Also when he is able to score fours easily why risk a quick single, but to be fair to Naresh there was a single available and it was his call. Naresh contributed a quick fire 30 runs. Rishi joined Priyan, but unfortunately got a good ball which beat his forward defensive shot and bowled him. The score at this time was 47 runs and alarm bells were starting to ring for me but I knew as long as Priyan was there , there was hope. Hishanth and Priyan took the score to 64 runs, with Priyan doing most of the scoring. Then disaster stuck in the 14th over when 2 wickets fell in 2 balls. Hishanth and the new batsman Aran, the victims, with Aran getting a good ball for his 1st ball which swung and hit his stumps. The score was 64 runs and thoughts of the Ruislip defeat were very much on my mind. The Hayes bowlers and fielders sensed an unlikely victory and they gave nothing away. They were bowling wicket to wicket and some or other all our batsmen’s shots were finding their fielders. Luckily Priyan and Sayjohn played sensible cricket and took the score to within reach of the target. Then Priyan went for a pull in the 17th over which would have brought us the victory but instead got out caught and bowled. Priyan scored a patient and watchful 21 runs. The score now was 80 runs and we still needed 3 runs. On the field Hayes looked more confident than us of getting the victory even though we still had 4 wickets and only had to score 3 runs. I could feel all our hand work done during the past 3 months might go to waste in that 10 mins of play. A maiden over followed and we started the 19th over still needing 3 runs to score. Akatheeyan and Sayjohn scored the required runs and brought us the victory and the league title once again to MTSSC U11.

It should have been a stroll in the park for our boys as we were playing the weakest team in our division which only had 8 players. But credit to Hayes they played superbly and I am lost for words in describing their attitude and their will to win. Maybe nobody expected them to win, so they played freely where as our players were burdened by the expectation of the title. The scorecard will say we were the winners, but those who were at the grounds know it was Hayes who delivered and not MTSSC. Truth needs to be told, all our opposition have improved as the season has progressed while we have been static. We were able to win the title mainly due to our early season success. But that is for the future and for Coach Vernon to ponder in the coming months. For now, let the boys enjoy their success and we have some plans up our sleeves and we will let you know soon.

Man of the match – Priyan, once again our saviour and becoming our rock just like Rahul Dravid for India. It is pleasing to see his success as I know his dad has put a lot of effort and he is fully aware of it and finally he has started to deliver which will make him and his parents happy.

Key Moment of the match – Rishi, Priyan and Naresh’s wickets which did not help my BP at all or our team’s confidence that we can score the required runs.