(a) Any player scheduled to participate in a game of cricket should observe the following:

(i) Will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs prior to taking the field representing MTSSC
(ii) Will not consume alcohol or engage in drug taking activitiesduring the entire duration of the game, irrespective of whether
purchased at the club bar or anywhere else.
(iii) For home games, will not bring drinks or food that will violate our agreement with the landlord.
Note: Agreement with the landlord is available in a separate document.

(b) All players are expected to be on their best behavior at home and/ or away games at all times. Any deliberate acts of misbehavior that is deemed to be damaging to the good name of the club, will be regarded as a violation of the membership contract with the club. Acts such as not using the club facilities for changing of attire, WC, consumption of alcohol not purchased at the club bar are considered to be a violation of the contract.

(c) Offensive behavior or the use of foul language to intimidate anyone involved in the game, (umpires, scorers, opposition players, supporters, etc,) is deemed as a violation of the code of conduct. Any direct interference in the game is a definite violation and is a sound reason for instant termination of the membership contract. Violation of any of the conditions stated above in the spirit of the game or otherwise, leads to action being taken directly by 3 nominated members of the MTSCC without any recourse to appeals. In the event of a full understanding of the situation is necessary/required, the case will be dealt with by the MTSSC and/or EC. Possible outcome of the decisions are instant termination of the contract (Expulsion) or suspension for a specified period, which will be determined by the 3 special members nominated by the MTSSC.